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The Mobs module implements new mobs that generate naturally around the world. New mobs are sorted by generations, groups of mobs that were released at the same time.


The mob generation system takes into account multiple conditions: the biome the player is in, the time of the day, the moon phase, the height, and whether or not the player is in Hardmode. The mobs added by this module will randomly replace a part of the default Minecraft mobs.

List of mobs

First generation

Possessed armor

The possessed armor is a hostile mob that appears on the surface of the overworld. It has the appearance of an iron armor and has 30 (♥️×7.5) health points and the armor points of its iron armor. It can drop iron ingots.

Ender eye

The ender eye is a hostile mob that appears in the End. It looks like a floating ender eye and will attack the player, dealing 4 (♥️♥️) damage. When damaged, it will teleport the player around within a 10×10 blocks area.


The burrower is a hostile mob that appears in the underground of the overworld. It resembles a worm and can dig through blocks to attack the player. When its head is not inside a solid block, it will lose momentum and eventually fall back into the ground.


1.0: Released module