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Skypower is a mechanism that allows to use skypower engines such as Ascenders or Chunk Miners. It is generated by Moonlight Altars during nighttime.

Skypower components[edit]

A skypower component is a block that can be used in a skypower circuit.

- Moonlight Altars generate skypower during nighttime when directly exposed to moonlight.

- Skypower Broadcasters can broadcast skypower to a Skypower Collector in order to pass power from one part of the circuit to another.

- Skypower Cells can store skypower and supply other skypower components at a stable rate.

- Some skypower components such as Ascenders or Chunk Miners are used to serve different functions when supplied with skypower.

Skypower value[edit]

Skypower is characterised by its value. The more skypower a component receives or generates, the more its skypower value increases. An excessive skypower value may cause the component to overheat, making it unable to work from 6 to 12 seconds. The rate of skypower can be stabilized by skypower cells.


Skypower is generated by moonlight altars and relayed by skypower broadcasters and collectors to power different components. Some components have maximum power capacities and might overheat when receiving input directly from moonlight altars. For that reason, it is often needed to use skypower cells to have a constant and stable source of power. Skypower broadcasters can broadcast skypower to any skypower collector in a 30-blocks radius. If a player is willing to connect a broadcaster to a skypower collector, he may place iron bars from one to another and the broadcaster will only send power to the connected collector. A moonlight altar can only power components directly underneath or next to it, whereas skypower collectors and skypower cells can power components in a 3-blocks radius.


When skypower is passed from one component to another, it emits a dust particle moving to the target component. The color of the particle depends on the rate of the source component. As long as the skypower value is inferior to 100, it will be green. From 100 to 300, it will be orange, meaning that it might cause components to overheat. When the skypower value exceeds 300, the particles turn red, meaning that only skypower cells and skypower collectors receiving the skypower will not overheat.