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Staffs are magical accessories that use Mana to run different spells.


Staffs can be crafted using any gem and two sticks.



After they are crafted, staffs do not have any magical function. In order to run a spell, a staff must be enhanced beforehand using a Staff Enhancement Table. They will then receive a random spell depending on the type of gem they were crafted with.

Casting a spell

A spell can be casted by right-clicking an enhanced staff with enough Mana. The amount of Mana needed to cast the spell is indicated in the staff's lore and depends on its enhancement.

Types of spell

Amethyst staffs

Amethyst staffs are used in combat. They shoot magical projectiles in front of the player, with different effects and damage.

The Flame ray will set any mob it touches in fire and deal damage while piercing the mob. It can go through mobs and damage multiple enemies.

The Wind spell will deal knockback, damage and levitation to any mob it reaches. It is not a piercing weapon.

The Ghast sceptre will summon a ghast fireball in front of the player. The fireball can be punched to go in the direction the player is looking.

The Explosion spell will summon a ray that will produce a light explosion when hitting a mob. It is not a piercing weapon.

Sapphire staffs

Sapphire staffs can be used to cast area attacks.

The Petrification spell will momentarily trap nearby enemies inside Andesite blocks, dealing suffocation damage and making them unable to move. After a few seconds, the andesite will vanish and the mobs will be freed. Placed blocks cannot replace other blocks except plants and leaves.

The Fang spell will summon the evocator's evocation fangs at nearby enemies, dealing seven points of damage.

The Celestial strike will deal twenty points of damage to any nearby mob, ignoring armor. This will kill instantly every nearby unchanged Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton or Spider.

Ruby staffs

Emerald staffs

Topaz staffs

Diamond staffs